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                                                         How to Join

Is it your desire to join the ranks of men, both great and small, who are proud to share in the
Masonic tradition of service and excellence?

Freemasons come from all walks of life, each serving his community in his own way. Members
of the uniformed services, like policemen, firemen, the EMS, and our military personnel meet
together as equals with civilians, regardless of rank or distinction. They join together in
fraternal fellowship to improve themselves and their communities.

If you do desire to join a Masonic Lodge and share in the fraternal fellowship that abounds
there, you will need to determine which Lodge is nearest you, contact the secretary of that
Lodge for information regarding the fees for application, and arrange to meet with two
members of the Lodge, who will consider recommending you for membership in the Lodge.
                                       Qualifications for Membership

Application for membership is open to men who:

Have been an Ohio resident for at least six months
Are at least 19 years old
Have a belief in a Supreme Being
Live a good moral and social life
Do not advocate the overthrow of the government
Can read and write English
Are recommended by two members of the Lodge they wish to join. (If you do not know two
members of a Lodge, the secretary of the Lodge to which you are applying can arrange a
meeting with two members of the Lodge for you.)
The application fee for Forest City Lodge #388 is  $250.00,  and the Lodge’s annual dues are
$75.00 The Masonic term for a membership application is a “petition.” The application fee can
be determined by contacting the secretary of the Lodge.

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