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It's About Time Forward

Moving Masonry into the 21st Century
Examining the need for Masonic public awareness
It's About Time  Part 1 Introduction

Examining Masonic statics A Must read for every lover
of the
It's About Time Part II

Facing the Facts and Accepting the Challenge
It's About Time Part III

Generating energy and transforming thought into
Part IV – Time to Energize Masonry

Take action now,  Move Masonry into the 21st century
Make the commitment now for the future
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For Lovers of the Craft
For neophytes and others interested in learning
What is a Mason?
So You Want to be a Mason
2 min 33 sec video
History of Freemasonry
Organization of Freemasonry
Freemasonry and Secrecy
Freemasonry and Brotherhood
Statement on Freemasonry and
Freemasonry and Women
Youth Organizations
How to Join
Qualifications for Membership
Petition for Degrees

So you don't feel like reading so much.

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It's About Time by clicking
Time to prepare for GREATNESS

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Freemason University